Life in Alignment Series Part 2 - The Blissfully You Project

Introducing The Blissfully You Project

The Blissfully You Project, running Monday 10th through Friday 14th December, will take you through how you can retain your sanity during the Christmas and New Year holidays plus ... it will make sure that you enter 2019 feeling much more confident and optimistic about the year ahead.

We will be:

  • Delving deeper into how you can start to say yes to the things that you need to say yes to more often, and no to those that need a firmer no!
  • Identifying what those pesky nutritional triggers are for you, you know the ones that when you start to eat them you just can't stop, and what you can do to kick them into touch!
  • Creating a plan for when and how you can fit in movement (in whatever form that may be for you!) during this busy time of year, and some suggestions for what might work well for you.
  • Being intentional about sleep and stress which can both play havoc on our happiness and enjoyment, more so during this upcoming season of joy!
  • Implementing tools and strategies to include self-care for you, yep that's you, because I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of giving from you to others and not a lot to yourself?!

It is super simple to be a part of all of this, it's all being created to help not hinder you so...

Step one:
Join the Thriving Achievers Facebook Group as this is where the Blissfully You Project is being hosted:
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Step Two:
Join the exclusive email group, that is purely for the Blissfully You Project, to receive the resources and workbooks:
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Step Three:
Relax and enjoy the Blissfully You Project!

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