Coaching Call with Louise

Sometimes you feel like you just need that extra bit of 1:1 attention, help and support for either a short time, or perhaps for a bit longer and I'm here to help you with that.

It all starts with a brief introduction call where we have a chat, usually via skype, and I find out a bit more about you and we can identify if we are a good 'fit' for each other.

Being a 'fit' for each other is so important and I need to know that you're serious about being coached and that, yes, you are ready to go and excited, committed and dedicated to putting in the work to achieve your goals.

Having had our chat, I'll then ask you to complete a questionnaire so that I can obtain some more relevant information about yourself, what you need the help and support with and then we can start the 1:1 coaching, of which there will be different options.

Coaching calls will commence from October 2017. All you need to do now is to register an interest, if you are interested! Please email to do so and include some further information about yourself including the following:

  • Your name, where you're based and your contact details, including your Skype ID
  • What your biggest struggle is at the moment. This can be absolutely anything - nutrition, fitness, business, relationships, mind-set, health or something else.
  • What you're looking for from 1:1 coaching
  • How motivated, committed and dedicated you are to receive coaching and ... that you are willing, and able, to invest the time, energy and financial resources to benefit from it