Are you ready to discover what you truly want out of life in order to be happy and fulfilled?

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you in alignment with who you are?
  • Heck, do you even know who you are anymore?
  • Do you often feel that your life is out of alignment?
  • That what you want your life to be isn't how it is?
  • Are you stuck with how to get your life in alignment?
  • Do you constantly struggle to know what to do next?
  • Not knowing what the next step is to take in your life? In your business? In your career?
  • Do you feel like your life is just one, big long struggle starting over every day?
  • Are you feeling it's one step (if that!) forward and numerous steps back?

Would you like to....

  • Feel confident in taking the next step in your life
  • Be decisive in the decisions that you need and want to make
  • Start to create a life that you want to be living
  • Be fully engaged in what you do
  • Begin to achieve success in your endeavours 
  • Have a life of purpose
  • Achieve clarity on the life you want to live
  • Have your life aligned with how you want it to be and look like

Hi there, my name is Louise and I help women who want to achieve alignment in all areas of their lives so that they can be truly happy and fulfilled. These women tend to have lost sight of who they are and their place in the world. They feel like they're going through the motions in their predictable, already mapped out for them lives.

I enable these women to break free, to stop hiding and to take action, to discover who they truly are and what they genuinely want out of life to be happy and fulfilled.

I specialise in aiding my clients to achieve alignment between their health, their relationships, their personal development and their everyday personal and professional responsibilities so that all areas of their life are in-sync.

Plus.... I ensure that they bring fun, laugher and enjoyment back into their lives!

The 5 Pillars of Total-Life Fulfillment:

I apply my signature Triple A+1 Method to each of the 5 Pillars which I believe underpin the very nature of our lives.

Pillar #1 Personal Growth and Self-Development

How often do you invest in yourself?

Do you know what investing in yourself means?

It's often thought of as being selfish to invest in ourselves, rather than others, but this is not the case.

By investing in you, you become a happier, better version of yourself, with more space, time and energy to then give to others.

This is where we delve deep into who you are, who you want to be, who you're here to be.

I am here to work with you to discover all of this and the best path towards taking action to move forwards.

Pillar #2 Well-Being:

It all happens here! A healthy body means a healthy mind, and you can't have one without the other. If you've tried seemingly every program out there, from Beach Body to Weight Watchers and you're still struggling to see and feel the results, there has to be something missing. I think that a full-life success coach is that missing key.

Our food and exercise are tangled with how we are feeling. When we feel bad or stressed, we overeat or eat unhealthily. We stop exercising.

When we feel good about ourselves and understand our “triggers” we are able to better manage our health, and feel better because of it. It's a cycle - one that you can break by bringing in an outside source to keep you accountable and fill in the knowledge gaps.

Pillar #3 Relationships:

It's likely that you're the doer in your social circles, in your working life. You plan, you organise and you put everyone else's plans, needs, desires, wants before your own. I frequently hear from my clients that they feel responsible for those around them being happy and successful – so much so that they sacrifice their own success and happiness. That is no way to live.

You can be a good mother, a good wife, a good worker and a good friend without missing out on your own life goals and fulfillment. I show you how to introduce more balance into your life without feeling guilty.

Pillar #4: Responsibilities

Are you happy in your career? Do you want to move up the ladder, make a switch, or figure out how to take back your work-life balance?

Are you happy with the responsibilities that you have in your life? When we talk responsibilities we look at all those ‘have to do' things in your life – work, children, aging parents, finances, the list is endless!

Some of my clients are perfectionists or workaholics - afraid to disappoint those around them - so they work themselves to the bone and feel worn out and unfulfilled at the end of the day.

When we talk professional development, we figure out where work currently falls in your life and what role you want it to take in the future. We focus on creating balance and clarity in your work and life.

When we talk about ‘non-official' job responsibilities we're looking to create strategies to help you to better manage them and .... even enjoy them!

The Central Pillar #5: Fun, Laughter, Enjoyment

Why are we doing all the above? Why do we want to get the most from life? To improve our well-being, our relationships? Why do we want to invest in ourselves and to enjoy our responsibilities?

So that we, and others, can have a fun filled, purposeful life underpinned with laughter and enjoyment.

Do you truly, honestly, genuinely enjoy your life? Do you laugh and smile often? Do you have fun? Does this happen on a frequent and regular basis?

What's the point of having this wonderful gift of life if we can't enjoy it, if we can't laugh and smile, if we can't have fun?

This is really the main crux of everything, hence why it's the One Pillar amongst the Four Cornerstones. Sadness and not so good times are inevitable, let's make the good times the same.

What makes me different?

I have always had a way of bringing things out of people, connecting with them, and being beyond the surface. I'm compassionate and I care about others - and I have been there.

If you haven't already, please read more about my story. I believe that my breadth of experience over the past 50+ years have made me uniquely qualified to empathize and assist women like you in taking back control over their lives and finally finding fulfillment.

If you're ready to learn more and discover if this is right for you, please complete and submit the form below for a free 30-minute “Connection” call.

Talk soon!

Louise Grafton

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