Life in Alignment Series Part 1: The 5x5 Life in Alignment Challenge ™

Start aligning, & creating, your life to how

you want it to look like, to feel like, and to be like!



What's inside?

There are Five Parts to this 5x5 Challenge and each part focuses on one of the 5 Pillars that are the very foundation of our lives.

This training enables you to access 5 videos and 6 downloadable workbooks to help you to learn the ways in which you can start to take the steps to align your life, in all areas, with how you want it to be so that you can create a life that you desire, and so deserve, to have to and to live.

You’ll be delving deeper into how you can optimise your well-being, your relationships, your responsibilities in life, your personal growth and self-development and, of course, the fun, laughter and enjoyment part of your life!

What's included in this course?

Pre-Challenge Workbook: This includes a Wheel Of Life tool to assess where you currently are in the different areas of your life, where you'd like to be and the gap between the two!

Workbook & video with tasks to do to help you on your personal growth and self-development journey, Pillar 1.

Workbook &  training video for Pillar 2, Your Responsibilities in your life. It includes a weekly planner!

Workbook & training video to delve deeper into Pillar 3, Your Relationships! This Workbook & Video enables you to dig that little bit deeper into the relationships in your life, whether they hinder or help you!

Workbook & training video for Pillar 4, that of Well-Being! How to track your movement & nutrition.

Workbook & training video for Pillar 5 - Fun, Laughter & Enjoyment! How to incorporate more of it in your life!




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