About me

I’m so excited to welcome you here, to share with you my experiences and to coach you to help you get back on track and to stay on track with who you want, and were meant to be, to help you to fulfil your potential.

I am super passionate about what I do and I am equally passionate to help others feel the same. I’m here to help you get you and your life back on track and, hopefully, to stay on track from here on in whether you're a woman in your 40s, 50s and beyond or someone who's just kinda lost themselves along the way and needs help to move forward. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful daughters, a nana to my wonderful grandson, and I have a wonderful, supportive man in my life as well, whom I’m very blessed to have as my now fiancé, we only got engaged in April so I'm still getting used to it!

Initially I was going share with you my journey back to health and wellness having, unfortunately, let it slide over the past few months, or rather years if I'm being more honest. However, the more I thought about it the more I realised that I’m actually not just getting my life back on track from the past few months/years, rather I’m doing so from the past few decades, as my life hasn’t always been the way it is now!! I’ll be sharing this with you and giving you tips, guidance and support as to what I find works, and what doesn’t, for me and how I get on in my ever evolving life journey, especially now being a woman in her late 40s and having that journey to navigate and embrace as well.

My own journey started in Brighton, England, where I was born and it continued, during my early years, in Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Bahrain, followed by a return to the UK, a brief return to a life abroad in Lanzarote, as a grown-up with my two daughters. Then back again to the UK which is where I currently live with my fiancé, Mike and the cat! My two daughters, my grandson and my parents not living too far away, with plans for a future move abroad on the cards.

I’m pretty headstrong and determined but I’ve also, during my life, been prone to being too easily influenced and led by others in an effort to ‘fit in’ and be seeing to do the ‘right’ thing as determined not by myself but by these other people. I allowed this to happen for some years with the occasional bursts of frustration being released and moments of following my own path happening, often though tinged with guilt that I might be upsetting or hurting others by doing so.

It wasn’t until around 2008/2009, after what I refer to as my wilderness years, that my journey of re-discovery subtly started to happen, not that I noticed it at the time. Only now, many years later, can I look back and identify the subtle changes that were starting to happen. It was when I started to ‘do’ things that didn’t involve being influenced by others or because of others that my relationship with myself started to improve. I stopped waiting for things to happen and I made them happen. I took myself off on my own travels many times and did things that were right for me. This opened my eyes to another world. One which I knew existed, and that I’d lived in before, but I hadn’t really paid much attention to as I was so wrapped up in worrying about what other people thought about my actions and in trying to fit into other people’s perceptions of what I should be like.

Through doing things on my own, through moving to and living in Lanzarote, through working for myself and through meeting and being with Mike, through working with other inspirational like-minded people, I have at last started to become true to myself and find out who I am and who I am meant to be and this is what I want to help you too achieve.

I’ve had times where I’ve felt a bit lost and times where I’ve had to refocus, reflect and find a way in which I wanted to move forward. I also have a tendency to lose focus and get distracted and/or easily bored I am definitely one of life’s grafters and once I’m hooked on something I will go after it with all guns blazing!

I’ve worked in the Leisure, Health & Fitness Industries for over 25 years coaching sport, managing, coaching and training staff, instructors, clients, especially women and people like yourself,  both individually and in groups. I’ve also managed buildings (!), well a Sports Centre, Theatre and gym plus created and run an Out of Schools Club Programme and had responsibility for a Health Programme at 3 leisure centres.

I have loved seeing how far some of the people I have trained, and worked with, have gone in their careers and their lives, and the wonderful things that they are doing, very rewarding to see and it’s been a pleasure to know that the good work that I started has continued to flourish and thrive.

I call myself a work in progress, I do take my time and I have a habit of over-thinking and over-analysing which does slow me down at times. I love to learn and study, hence why I have a degree, MBA and PGCE plus a number of qualifications related to health, fitness and wellness. I'm currently signed up to a couple of mentorship programmes myself, as well as studying a Science Access Course to enable me to then progress to a Nutritional Therapy Diploma, on top of studying for the Metabolic Effect nutrition qualifications. Oh ... and I'm about to start on my yoga teaching journey super soon having already attended a foundation weekend course to see if it was for me.

Following my own personal journey to return to ‘being me’ and ... through having a few challenging years already behind me, and I'm sure a few more to come, I want to help others to do the same and to find the best ways that they can to manage the challenges that life does tend to involve.

I’ve coached many people over many years and helped them all too, in some way, shape and form – in both their

business and personal lives and it is this which I am taking forward and offering to you.

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