"Louise is warm and enthusiastic and ensures her classes are fun and she explains everything clearly. Her teaching style is perfect. I have made real progress thanks to Louise. I always feel mentally refreshed and ready to take on whatever life has in store after a class with Louise. She is inspiring and encouraging. A life enhancer." Kerry Kelleher

As well as making sure I keep myself fit, healthy and well I like to help others to do this too.

Having first qualified as an Aerobics Instructor way back in 1994, after coaching and teaching swimming and gymnastics, I continued to add to my qualifications and experience of teaching health, fitness and nutrition classes and Personal Training sessions, to adults, children and young people, through the years.

I also trained to teach other instructors how to teach classes and deliver personal training hence increasing the numbers of people who could improve their well-being.

Full details of my qualifications can be seen by clicking here

To keep myself connected to this passion of mine, that of helping as many people as possible achieve optimal wellness, I currently teach the following in-person classes.


For Absolute Beginners and Beginners looking to learn, improve and progress.

This class focuses on strength, balance, stretching, mobilising and posture so that you can be more mobile, flexible and strong. Hence enabling you to be able to move more freely and with more ease,

Class Details

To be confirmed

What you'll need to bring with you - A Pilates mat, water, a small towel, an exercise class strap, and any Pilates equipment you may require to aid and enhance your progress and participation. This could include Pilates cushions, pads, weighted and/or soft toning balls, and neck support pads.


Yoga Based Stretch for Beginners

For anyone seeking to stretch, lengthen, relax and move more freely.

Class Details

To be confirmed

What You'll Need to Bring With You - a yoga mat, water, a yoga strap and, if you have some, yoga blocks and yoga bricks. 



There are 3 payment options - pay as you go, half and full block booking - further details can be found in the Terms and Conditions for the classes which are available upon request through emailing support@louisegrafton.com


For all classes, if you’d like to take advantage of the lower price per session offered by utilising the block booking option but are unsure if you’re ready to commit, you can use the pay as you go option for your first class which, if you then decide to continue can be used towards the block booking option.




Excellent class this morning. Louise is very professional and set the level perfectly for me. A most enjoyable hour.

Maggie (Pilates)


I am so happy to have found Louise's class. As a total novice to Yoga, Louise made me feel at ease straight away. Louise teaches her class without judgement allowing each of us to find our own level. Louise brings warmth and empathy to the class with a good dose of humour! I would recommend anyone of any age or ability to try a class. The benefits to both your mind and body are absolutely worth it. Thank you Louise!

Deb (Yoga)


Louise is a beautiful, kindly lady who works hard to ensure all her students are catered for. Louise is not a stick insect fitness freak, and therefore does not visually intimidate us, her warmth and care is highly reassuring.  I have different needs to most of my fellows and Louise takes it all in her stride, my humour is accepted (well I thought it was funny) and we all have an enjoyable session.  I cannot easily understand/do/recall what I am doing, but do my best, and the investment made by Louise has paid off for me.  I am probably one of her oldest clients and I have gained in mental and physical wellness even though I have not been a member for long.  Highly recommended, an excellent, inclusive exercise class. 

Peter (Yoga)


"The classes are friendly, fun & useful. Classes vary from week to week & sometimes incorporate exercises to help with specific health issues raised by participants. Louise is constantly learning new movements & passes these on for us to try. We are shown different options for some of the exercises & advised to progress if possible but also not to go beyond any limitations we may have, and most of all to enjoy ourselves."

"I’m so happy my friend recommended this yoga class. She had been going to it for quite awhile & kept saying you should go. I finally did & it’s been life changing. I feel so much better & energised. There is a sense of calmness & feeling at peace. Louise starts the class with setting the intention & goes through various moves. At the end there is a yogic quote & homework is set. If you are not sure, just try it. Once you start you will never want to miss it again!"

"I love coming to my yoga class. It is friendly & welcoming. Louise puts everyone at their ease. As someone who has unhappy memories of school PE lessons, I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoy & benefit from the classes & view exercise in a whole new light!"

"Louise's Yoga classes appear to be unscripted but are obviously carefully planned. Each exercise is demonstrated, with an explanation of its uses, Louise does them with us then watches & gently corrects if need be. She never minds further explaining or demonstrating. I have benefitted with a better posture & a super improved core. Thoroughly enjoyable, never dull & an hour goes in a flash!" 

"I have participated in classes run by Louise for a number of years. She has become a friendly support in my life. As an older member of the group I am always encouraged & supported to follow exercises, also alternatives/levels/tips are offered. I am never made to feel inadequate/stupid. We always experience a variety of movements in each session. Louise has a friendly manner & we have a few laughs. Her expertise is much appreciated by us all & offers good value. Louise encourages us to do homework & I have now built in half hour sessions (most days) into my life. Certainly over the years I have gained a maintained body (& breathing) movements, which helps with my progressive osteoporosis."

"Louise is a superbly knowledgeable, friendly and approachable coach.  Her classes are fun but challenging with a focus on teaching the correct technique. She continually raises the bar and encourages her clients to improve whilst offering alternatives and adaptations to suit individual needs. Louise's nutritional advice, exercise plans, encouragement and support have been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals.  With her coaching and guidance I have improved my fitness, reduced my weight by 3 stone and most importantly maintained  this weight loss for over 3 years.  She has been a true inspiration and helped me to change my life."

"I first started going to Louise’s classes with my two sisters who promised me a motivating and inspiring class that you actually got something from. They weren’t wrong, and since my first class I have been hooked on both Louise’s teaching style and the variety of classes and exercises she offers. The best thing is that I can always see results (I have managed to keep off and maintain my current weight) and always feel like I’ve actually worked out! I thoroughly enjoy going to class as she is always friendly and with a genuine interest in your well being and of course fitness, but at the same time she understands we’re all human and that some days we have less ‘active’ days. Best decision I ever made and have a lot to thank her for!"

"I have been attending Louise’s classes for over a year now and no other instructor has managed to both help me and keep me motivated like Louise. Her classes are energetic and varied, whether you prefer high impact workouts like Insanity or less intense classes like Fitness Pilates, there is something for everyone. Whatever your goals are, Louise will listen and motivate you to reach them. Her humour, kindness and dedication make the sessions fun and entertaining and she has a wealth of knowledge which she is willing to share. I can’t recommend her enough!!"

"Louise is so welcoming and enthusiastic  that you feel instantly at ease with her. She is realistic about how life can sometimes get in the way of exercise but she has such a positive view that she gives really constructive advice about how to deal with ups and downs. I love her humour and her realism and I love the way she makes every class fun. She is the whole package in that she knows so much, not just about exercise but about how to keep your mind and attitude healthy too. Its rare you find someone with such a comprehensive understanding of why we do what we do. I truly hate missing my class with Louise as it is a highlight in my week."

"Louise's classes have made me fitter, stronger, leaner and more flexible. What's more, I've lost loads of weight, kept it off, and found the waist I never knew I had!  Her nutritional advice is invaluable. Louise’s teaching style is motivational in an easy going, encouraging way – real educator. Her classes are suitable for all sizes, shapes and ages and Louise always gives personal attention and offers alternatives for all abilities. But most of all, the classes are fun and friendly."

"I have been attending Louise classes for 15yrs. After my class, I feel like someone pampered my soul and body, my emotional and physical pain that was trapped, has been taken away. I feel light as a bird, and come out feeling so happy, pampered and refreshed. We love you Louise. Thank you. What she gives us cannot be expressed in words, I love the quotes, we walk away, with words of wisdom, her special touch on the ending of class."



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