Better Business

Better Business is a book that provides you with simple effective strategies and practices to find fulfilment and satisfaction in your work

Being fulfilled and satisfied in your work, your business, your career should be an integral part of your working life but being given the opportunity to be able to experience these is often overlooked. More focus is given elsewhere yet with increased satisfaction and fulfilment within the business environment many more companies, customers, employers and employees would thrive rather than fight to survive.

Improved efficiency and effectiveness, increased productivity and creativity, reduced staff turnover, higher profitability, are all achievable with enhanced fulfilment and satisfaction within the work setting.

Furthermore, finding fulfilment and satisfaction at work and in your business doesn't have to be complicated and, more often than not, it's that which is simple that gets the best results.

Within Better Business you will find 21 strategies and practices - short, sweet, simple and to the point, going back to the basics - plus actionable suggestions to implement these 21 strategies and practices into your life.

Because taking action is what will bring the fulfilment and satisfaction you seek into your life and into your work.