Life in Alignment Series Part 3 - Relationship Revamp Project ™

Review, Reflect and Revamp your Relationships.



What's Inside?

This training enables you to access 5 videos and 6 downloadable workbooks to give you tools and strategies to help you to learn ways in which you can improve and optimise ALL of your relationships!

What's included in this course?

A Pre-Project Workbook incorporating a Wheel of Life tool focused on all of your different relationships, not just those with fellow humans!

5 more workbooks with accompanying training videos through which you will be digging deep into your relationship with ...

  • Yourself
  • Your body image
  • Your mindset, thoughts, behaviours, habits
  • Family & friends
  • Your past & future
  • Food and fitness
  • Money & Time
  • Your significant other (past & present!)


Only $97.00