Life in Alignment Series Part 4: The Passion Re-Ignition Project ™

Re-Ignite Your Passion for Yourself & Your Life!

"I feel like I've lost my zest and passion for life, but I don't know how to reclaim it?" If you've ever asked that question, then the Passion Re-Ignition Project has been designed just for you!


During The Passion Re-Ignition Project You Will ...

  • Re-ignite & Re-Awaken Your Passion!
  • Switch On Your Intuition!
  • Fall back in love with you!

Hi, I’m Louise and I am really excited to get to spend this time with you in the Passion Re-Ignition Project. 

A video and workbook based online training event, for the woman who wants to get back in touch with  her dreams and desires to make them a reality. 

The Passion Re-Ignition Project is a journey of self-discovery, tapping into your inner self and letting go of limiting beliefs.

Re-discover, re-activate & re-ignite your passion for yourself & your life so that you can fall back in love with both!


Only $97.00