Top 10 Ways I Look After Myself!

Top 10 Ways I Look After Myself!

I’m not getting any younger, fact!

Looking after myself as I settle into my 50s is a top priority so that I can live my life to the fullest.

I can’t get away with what those who are younger than me can. I’m actually not sure that when I was younger myself that I did get away with some of the potentially damaging things I inflicted on myself.

I was a smoker, I liked a drink (or many more), my sleep was all over the place, I didn’t eat particularly well but hey I always drank my water and took my make-up off at night!

I’m regularly asked what I’ve been doing, and am currently doing, so that I am healthy and better able to navigate these middle years, this midlife stage, the second act!

So, I thought I’d share! Hopefully by doing so you will acquire some ideas for how you can look after you!

Side note! I am always figuring out what does and doesn’t work for me because, through trial and error, I have found that what works for someone else may well not work for me. In fact, it often doesn’t. Even if it is the latest fad, fashion, gimmick that apparently works for everyone else!

You see, I used to think that there was something wrong with me, or I was doing something wrong, if I didn’t get the same results as others were supposedly getting.

BUT … I soon learned that I am unique, as are you, and we must find what works for us, not what works for others, but what works for our own uniquely, wonderful selves!


I need to have 7-8 hours of sleep. If I have more (as tempting as it is!) I am, ironically, just tired, groggy and sluggish for the rest of the day, if I have less then beware! I need my sleep!

I rarely see part midnight now, with lights out being more around 10/10.30. I still have ‘wake-up’ issues but, using the 5-Second Rule (thanks Mel Robbins) and the Miracle Morning (thanks Hal Elrod) I’m an improvement on my previous self!


I am intentional about my movement, especially working from home where I sit a lot! Plus, I’m currently in the healing stages of shoulder issues so I have been somewhat limited in what I could do. This was also accompanied by a fear of making it worse.

Each week I plan what movement I’m doing each and write it on my planner.

I walk every day, I incorporate 3 long (ish) stretch sessions each week, I lift weights, dance, run, climb and practise (as well as teach) yoga.


Meditation used to be an alien concept for me, even though I was doing it, just not with as much awareness as I do now.

Being someone who experiences anxiety, who worries, who has struggled with depression, having a tool to bring stillness and calm to my life is crucial to keeping the stress levels from rising and the slide into the darkness of depression from taking place.

Having a meditation practice helps me to better navigate the not so great times and to fully appreciate the good,

When I started being intentional, I only used the Headspace app. I still use it, but I now also incorporate other practices as well. I particularly like those by Dr Joe Dispenza.

Mindful Nutrition

Now this is where things become tricky!

I feel like I am on a constant journey to find what works here!

I find it easier to help others than I do myself!

I do though have three non-negotiables, my anchoring points.

Water - I always, always, always carry a bottle of water with me

Alcohol is now a rarity in my life.

I try to incorporate protein into every meal.

Look after my skin from the outside in

Being an 80s teenager I’m afraid that sun cream wasn’t really a thing. It was oil and the longer the time in the sun the better! I have wised up! I still love the sun but I am now much more protective of my skin, using products that nourish rather than damage it.

But hey, like I said, I’ve always removed my make-up before sleeping!

Read, Learn, Study

Oh, how I love to read. Oh, how I love to learn. Oh, how I love to study! All of these are hugely beneficial for my mind and my soul and hence my well-being.

One of my dreams is to have a room dedicated to a library, with reading corners full of soft comfy sofas, with a studying area included!


I like to let out my thoughts, feelings and inner turmoil in written form (as well as verbally as times!) Writing them down enables me to be, let’s say, less over reactive!

I’ve kept a diary since I was around 8 years old, it was on and off for a while but now it’s definitely more on! I’ve also, over the years, written short stories and what I call written caricatures – these are poems I’ve written for, and about, friends and family for special occasions in their lives.

So writing is a release of sorts for me and I am constantly writing notes and memos wherever I am!

Time with Loved Ones

Family is my top priority and if I don’t spend time with my loved ones then yes, my health and well-being suffer.

I love my family, we’re very close and time spent with them is incredibly precious to me.

Help others

I have an innate need to help others and if I’m not doing so I’m not in alignment with myself, my core values and beliefs and subsequently that’s detrimental to my health and well-being.

So, I always make sure I include doing things to help others in my life, whether by giving my time, my knowledge and expertise, or donating to/raising money for a cause that’s close to my heart.

Take Time Out

I am less likely to say yes and more likely to say no these days.

I need to protect my time and energy otherwise I burn out and I’m no good to anyone, let alone myself.

I’m fine with my own company, something that’s taken me a while to be! I still like socialising, and if I go too long without that then I start craving it but … I am now more in tune with my own energy needs, my hormones, and my moods so I know when being on my own is the best thing for me, and perhaps others!

I also like to switch off from social media, to travel and get away, and spend time by the ocean, or in the mountains, I find both places therapeutic, refreshing and renewing.


As we go through the years, we become more aware of the importance of looking after ourselves. Especially if we want our middle years, and beyond, to be thriving and fulfilled.

We find ourselves perhaps having to negotiate through challenges to our well-being, maybe those that are as a result of things we’ve done in the past.

There will be many obstacles to face, there will happiness, there will be sadness. If we put our health and well-being, mind, body and soul, as a top priority then these obstacles and challenges will be that bit easier to navigate our way through.

So, I’ve shared with you my top 10, I’d love to now hear what your top 10 are!

Let me know by connecting with me on any of my social media channels or hey, send me an email via my contact me page (click the following button to do so) – it would be great to hear from you!

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